Rev. Kimberly Cope

Rev. Kimberly Cope

Kimberly Cope

Hello, I’m Rev. Kimberly Cope. It was at the age of ten that my true calling and eventual vocation was revealed to me. While other kids were dreaming of becoming lawyers and astronauts, I was paying attention to the world around me and writing about it.

Soon, adults and children alike were seeking me out to share their hopes, dreams, stories, and challenges. Because I endeavored to attend to those with whom I came in contact with both an interested and empathetic ear, it came very naturally for me to serve as the trusted space in which others felt seen, heard, and acknowledged. Since then, I’ve helped people from many walks of life not only to maintain their equilibrium while meeting the dizzying demands that life puts on us all; but, thrive in the midst of it.

My work is based on the philosophy that when our goals and actions are tied to uniquely personal values and beliefs with which we identify, greater levels of happiness and fulfillment are achieved. As a minister, writer, trainer, inspirational speaker and coach, my passion is to help others achieve a life so authentic, awesome, and amazing that they have to pinch themselves when they wake up in the morning!

I currently serve as an multifaith 'minister without walls' ordained through One Spirit Learning Alliance. 

I received my education through the Coaches Training Institute located in San Rafael, CA. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and Spiritual Directors International (SDI). I'm certified in Communication: Human Relations through De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. I am also a certified PRINT 
coach and Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer. My Premarital / Marital Counseling certification was earned through Prepare-Enrich (one of the world's leading scientifically-proven relationship inventory and skill-building programs).

On a personal note: I reside in Morgan Hill, CA with my feline soul mate and companion, Cosmo. I celebrate life by sharing time with my two grown sons, as well as hiking, dancing, cooking, and writing. I’m a past member of the Board of Trustees for Conscious Living Center in Mountain View, CA, and serve as a spiritual counselor to those in need of compassionate care. My poetry and haiku have been published in Creative Thought Magazine and included in Sacred Heart Community Services donor collateral. 

What is Multifaith?

Rather than seeking to discover or prescribe which religion or spiritual path is "right", multifaith recognizes that we are all brothers and sisters, and that at different times and different places we have encountered the Sacred in our own unique ways. We believe that every individual is walking a unique spiritual path, also known as the Sacred Adventure℠.

We celebrate our contrasting spiritual journeys while recognizing that humanity has a shared spiritual heritage. We know that the greatest impact on our world is created through intentional action. Therefore, we are called to engage one another with Love and Compassion.

In the past, multifaith has usually shown up as a group of well-meaning people from differing spiritual paths getting together briefly to perform a project or community outreach and then going their separate ways.  While that has been beneficial, today's world needs more. Multifaith, as an ongoing spiritual practice, can serve as a model for how we interact with one another on a daily basis. 

At The Sacred Adventure℠ we truly live multifaith by coming together in community for services, classes, and events that celebrate the Wisdom and Truth of our varying spiritual paths.