Prayer, Prayer, Everywhere!

I'm so excited to announce that The Sacred Adventure will now be taking Prayer Requests!

You may request prayer for yourself, or others around the globe, and our Prayer Team will hold your request in our prayers for one week.…

Trust the Little Voice

I just received my first fraudulent check as a wedding officiant and I’m doing the Happy Dance all around my apartment. “How could this event cause such jubilation?” you ask. Well, because I have learned a really valuable lesson.

Let's Talk Prayer

For some, prayer happens at a certain time of day; bedtime, mealtime, when we get into our car each morning to endure the hour-long commute to work. 
Sometimes, prayer is inspired by a special place; a church, a majestic mountain,…

A Message of Mindfulness

Long ago, in the year 1999, I was winding along the backroads of the Santa Cruz Mountains on my way to a friend’s house. Given that there was no radio reception in the area, I decided to listen to a…

What's in a Word?

Today, while searching the web for some blog material inspiration that ISN'T about the election, I came across this nifty list of Words to Use More Often: 

At first, I was inclined to simply set it aside for future reference.…

The Celebration of Life

The celebration of life, 
shared in the beginning, and again, in the end. 
Yet we forget to celebrate it, in every moment we live. 
Time, days, years, go on, but are we alive? 
Alive and do not know it, sleeping

A Year is Just a Year...Or, is it?

This morning, as I began washing my face, I couldn’t help but pause to take note of my reflection. The first thing I noticed was the silvery glint of my gray hair. As many of you know, I stopped coloring…

Another Day...Another Lesson

Change has been my constant companion for the past five years. I’ve lost my house, my marriage, and a J.O.B. that provided a steady paycheck in exchange for heart-numbing work. Most recently, the spiritual community I called home for nearly…

Why We’re So Often Disappointed, and What To Do About It

by Kimberly Cope

Public Service Announcement: The two biggest things that lead to disappointment are...drum roll please...perspective and expectation.
Perspective is defined as our outlook or viewpoint, and is unique to each individual and based upon our life experiences.