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If you are seeking a fun, friendly, accepting and intelligent, spiritual community where you are encouraged to expand or renew your understanding of the Divine; you've come to the right place. At The Sacred
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As a multifaith community, we embrace life as a journey and each person as both human and divine in nature. We offer a fresh and dynamic approach to living as conscious, purposeful beings, applying practical spiritual principles to our daily lives. We recognize a shared spiritual heritage (truth) throughout all faith traditions and respectfully honor the personal path of every individual.

The Sacred Adventure
℠ lovingly embraces Many paths…one Truth!

The Celebration of Life 

The celebration of life, 
shared in the beginning, and again, in the end. 
Yet we forget to celebrate it, in every moment we live. 
Time, days, years, go on, but are we alive? 
Alive and do not know it, sleeping in the world 
and dead to the life we are to live. 
To celebrate all life, 
the sparrow who sang in the morning, 
and died in the night, 
why do we not celebrate its life? 
To know thyself is to know you are alive - 
to give, to love, to seek truth, beauty, and suffer pain. 
In life as it is meant to be, pain

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You Can't Hide From It. You Can't Deny It. Believe Me...I've Tried! 

How’s the year treating you so far? 
Is everything turning out the way you thought it would? 

If not, don’t beat yourself up.  I’d say that’s probably the case for many of us. 

Who or what’s to blame? Chalk it up to the “C” word. Of course, I’m talking about change. You knew that…right? 

Change will throw a crimp into the best-laid plans and sap the wind from the sails of any well-charted voyage. Change can be downright uncomfortable. But, it doesn’t have to be. 

I have a theory: It’s not change that is so

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A Year is Just a Year...Or, is it? 

This morning, as I began washing my face, I couldn’t help but pause to take note of my reflection. The first thing I noticed was the silvery glint of my gray hair. As many of you know, I stopped coloring it back in 2011 and never looked back. Next I noticed my eyes. What’s that? Is that a sparkle? Why, yes. Yes it is! Amidst the myriad wrinkles and smile lines there were my greenish-blue eyes twinkling at me with what I can only describe as sage mischievousness. Hmm…what else have you got there? As I…Read more
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