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As a multifaith community, we embrace life as a journey and each person as both human and divine in nature. We offer a fresh and dynamic approach to living as conscious, purposeful beings, applying practical spiritual principles to our daily lives. We recognize a shared spiritual heritage (truth) throughout all faith traditions and respectfully honor the personal path of every individual.

The Sacred Adventure
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Another Day...Another Lesson 

Change has been my constant companion for the past five years. I’ve lost my house, my marriage, and a J.O.B. that provided a steady paycheck in exchange for heart-numbing work. Most recently, the spiritual community I called home for nearly five years closed its doors and is in the process of folding. Through it all, I’ve attempted to step into the next unknown with courage and grace, trying to release the thought of how it’s ‘supposed to be’. I’d like to say that I’ve always accomplished that task with…Read more

Why We’re So Often Disappointed, and What To Do About It 

by Kimberly Cope

Public Service Announcement: The two biggest things that lead to disappointment are...drum roll please...perspective and expectation.
Perspective is defined as our outlook or viewpoint, and is unique to each individual and based upon our life experiences.
For example, I’m 5 feet tall and have experienced life as a short person. To me life looks normal from my 5-foot vantage point and things just are what they are. I’m quite used to looking up to catch most peoples’ gaze and my car seat is…Read more


Perfect, tiny spec
Layers mounting year on year
Emerges a pearl

Did you know that the luminous beauty known as a pearl is brought about when an irritating microscopic object (usually a tiny piece of its own shell or a grain of sand) becomes trapped in the soft, fleshy folds of a mollusk? Over time, this object builds upon itself in concentric layers until a pearl is formed? What’s your tiny spec? And, what’s the pearl (the gift) that will emerge as a result?

You are You, and I am Me 

It’s not important that I agree with you.
It IS important that we respect one another.
You see, you and I have differing opinions.
And that's quite alright.
Because those opinions are formed through our perspective.
And perspective is gained through life experience.
And, while I might be able to say that I have walked beside you,
I will never be able to say that I have walked in your shoes.

We Get What We Expect 

Have you ever noticed that we get more of what we hold on to. Sometimes I find myself clinging to the concept of scarcity. And lo and behold, that’s what I find myself experiencing.

In this morning’s meditation I received the vision of a lovely garden and a honey bee flitting from one flower to the next collecting it’s nectar. The bee did not linger at any one flower for too long; but released its grasp so as to move forward without worry of what the next flower would yield. And so it is with my thoughts of…Read more
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