Relationship Counseling

The relationship you yearn for is not the one you start out with but the one you co-create with your partner over time.

Why should we consider Premarital or Relationship Coaching?

Did you know that it's been researched and proven that couples who participate in coaching or counseling have a 31% greater chance of reducing their risk of separation? It's true.

But coaching/counseling isn't just for couples with problems. Not only can it help you prepare for marriage by ensuring that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship; it also helps to create a firm foundation for a stable and satisfying future no matter your marital status. Additionally, coaching/counseling is for couples and individuals who already have an extraordinary relationship and want to take it to the next level.

Isn't it too late for Coaching or Counseling?

You’re probably thinking…"We’ve already set the date. Or, we're already married. Why would we consider coaching/counseling? Aren’t we kind of past that at this point?" 

Ideally, counseling takes place about three to six months prior to the wedding date. But, as we mentioned before, it isn’t just for people whose relationships in trouble. It's an excellent way for couples in any long-term union to benefit from exploring their relationship (whether or not issues exist) prior to making a long-term commitment. Coaching/counseling is an opportunity to explore the dynamics of your partnership and set yourselves up for a successful and satisfying future together.

What does a typical session look like?

Sessions include pre-work which involves completing a Prepare-Enrich assessment (taking approximately 30 minutes in the comfort of your home). This will be the basis for our conversation.

Then, we'll gather for four one-hour sessions utilizing the results of the Prepare-Enrich assessment to explore areas of strength and opportunities for growth in your relationship. Both partners must be in attendance for us to conduct a worthwhile session.

We will start the session with a five-minute ‘clearing’ (to allow you to express and clear out any emotional debris) and subsequent intention-setting to allow you to be as present as possible during our session.

Next, we’ll spend about 50 min. discussing your Prepare-Enrich assessment and any thoughts, issues, or questions that arise from having taken the assessment. We’ll discuss topics of specific interest and how to use the results of the assessment to collaboratively design a future that is satisfying, fun, and fulfilling for each of you. This is a dialogue that may include questions, deep information-sharing, and inquiry to help you move toward the highest outcomes that await you as a couple. Topics and solutions might range from the practical to the mystical in nature; depending upon your beliefs, preferences, and desired outcomes. 

Finally, we’ll spend the final five minutes assigning ‘homework’ and closing out to essentially lock in the learnings and complete our session.

People typically report leaving a session:
  • feeling renewed, relieved, and filled with peace.
  • filled up with the essence or energy of Spirit.
  • with a deeper connection and renewed intimacy toward their partner.
  • knowing their next step(s) toward greater fulfillment and a happy marriage.
  • with a profound knowingness of how loved, accepted, and appreciated they are. 
What about logistics?

If you’re located in the South Bay Area, we can arrange in-person sessions. This is my favorite way to interact with clients. Alternatively, I also provide sessions via telephone and Skype.

The cost of the Prepare-Enrich assessment for both partners is just $35. Coachoing/Counseling packages are customized to fit your needs and budget!
"Kim was everything we could have asked for and more. My fiancé and I weren't quite sure what we were looking for, we just knew we wanted to gain some useful tools to carry us through the rest of our engagement and into our marriage. What we found was Kim--an intelligent, kind, down-to-earth professional who made us feel so comfortable right away. I was a little nervous about my fiancé and how he'd react to a vulnerable situation such as pre-marital counseling...but Kim talked us through every step of the way and every question or concern either of us had was responded was perfect for us. We left feeling refreshed, prepared and honestly, even more in love. Thank you Kim, we are so grateful to have found you!"
Hailey & Darren