Spiritual Counseling

What is Spiritual Counseling?
Spiritual Counseling (also known as spiritual direction) integrates spirituality with psycho-social care and guidance. Often, this role is undertaken by individuals who have been ordained as ministers and have also pursued an education in counseling, coaching, or psychology.

Spiritual counseling helps us to meet life's challenges from a new 'consciousness of connection' perspective. It offers support to you as a whole person...your soul/spirit, your emotions, mind and body. It supports your unique essence and facilitates spiritual growth in your practical life here on Earth; which we can all agree is messy at best.

Is Spiritual Counseling right for me?

Sometimes you simply need to talk to someone who is also on a spiritual path and can help you navigate your journey. That’s what a spiritual counselor does–gently and compassionately accompanies you along the way. Mostly, we listen and reflect back to you the wisdom of Spirit that we notice in you. We do this without judgment, because we want you to discover for yourself where you are being led.

Spiritual counseling is an excellent practice for becoming more aware of your unique essence, for savoring the goodness in your life, and for sorting out difficult life situations and choices. Spiritual counseling centers around discussion, discovery, contemplation, meditation and other modalities.

What does a typical session look like?
Sessions can be scheduled in one-hour or half-hour increments and typically occur weekly at first, tapering off to once a month.

We’ll always start the session with a few minutes of ‘clearing’ to allow you to express and clear out any emotions that could hinder you from being as present as possible during our session. Then, we’ll share a moment of silence to center ourselves and set our intention; which allows us both to come fully into the conversation.

Next, we’ll spend about 20 min. (for a ½ hr session) or 45 min. (during a 1 hr session) discussing your topic of choice. This is a dialogue that may include inquiry, deep information-sharing, and contemplation to help us recognize the divine Truth that awaits you. Finally, we’ll spend the final five minutes closing out to integrate the wisdom derived in our session.

People typically report leaving a session:

  • feeling renewed, relieved, and filled with peace.
  • filled up with the essence or energy of Spirit.
  • with a deeper understanding of how their current circumstance might be serving them.
  • knowing their next step(s) toward greater fulfillment.
  • with a profound inner-knowing of how loved, accepted, and appreciated they are.            

What about logistics?
If you’re located in the South Bay Area, we can talk to see if getting together in person would work. This is my favorite way to interact with clients. (in-person sessions will resume after the COVID-19 SIP is lifted).
For now, I am offering sessions via telephone, FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype.

How much will it cost?
Half-hour sessions are $40.00
One-hour sessions are $60.00