LOVE in the time of COVID-19

I never thought I’d say those two things in the same sentence; love and Covid-19. But, these are unprecedented times and in the midst of the ‘shelter in place’ order, I’m observing some interesting shifts in our communities. Maybe it’s just me wanting to find the good in everyone. Or, perhaps this global crisis is having an effect on us…a positive one. 

At first I thought I might be imagining it, because a lot of my observations were coming from Facebook posts. But yesterday I ventured out to one of my favorite parks for a walk, and there it was, in REAL LIFE. So, I can only imagine, or perhaps hope, that these shifts are actually happening. 

Families reconnecting in a way I’ve never seen before; taking walks, laughing, and really talking. Dinners around the same table. Children assisting in preparing meals, or in some cases preparing them altogether to give their parents a much-needed break. 

People smiling at one another and making eye-contact. Wishing each other well, as they pass by, even from a distance. Conversations becoming richer, deeper, and appreciated at a whole new level. 

Folks driving at a leisurely pace, rather than the crazy, “get outta my way” mayhem that plagued our roads just a few weeks ago. The outreach to our local brick-and-mortar businesses to uplift and keep them viable by purchasing gift cards and take out. And those businesses finding new and creative ways of staying afloat, whether through technology or other means. 

Entire neighborhoods setting up systems of communication to let each other know they’re okay. To ask for assistance when needed. And, to show love and support to the most vulnerable, whether physically or emotionally. 

The list keeps growing, which gives me so much hope and encouragement for who we are as a society. I’m proud to be a member of the human race witnessing this miraculous, albeit stressful, time in our evolution. No doubt, things will be different after this. My thought is that they will be better!

What are some of the positive things you've experienced during this situation?

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