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New 90-Minute Officiant Coaching Package Just Launched! 

I'm so excited to share my newest service offering with you. It's called 90-Minute Officiant, and it's geared at guiding friends and family members in crafting and officiating a beautiful and memorable ceremony for a loved one. You can learn more here:

LOVE in the time of COVID-19 

I never thought I’d say those two things in the same sentence; love and Covid-19. But, these are unprecedented times and in the midst of the ‘shelter in place’ order, I’m observing some interesting shifts in our communities. Maybe it’s just me wanting to find the good in everyone. Or, perhaps this global crisis is having an effect on us…a positive one. 

At first I thought I might be imagining it, because a lot of my observations were coming from Facebook posts. But yesterday I ventured out to one of my…

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Prayer, Prayer, Everywhere! 

I'm so excited to announce that The Sacred Adventure will now be taking Prayer Requests!

You may request prayer for yourself, or others around the globe, and our Prayer Team will hold your request in our prayers for one week.

To request prayer, simply click on the Contact tab, select Prayer Request in the drop-down menu. You may add any details you'd like to share (including the first name of the recipient and your prayer focus or intention) in the message box. If you do not include any details, a general…

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Trust the Little Voice 

I just received my first fraudulent check as a wedding officiant and I’m doing the Happy Dance all around my apartment. “How could this event cause such jubilation?” you ask. Well, because I have learned a really valuable lesson.
You see, lately I’ve been doing this precarious back and forth between listening to my intuition and giving into my ego. While I’m really clear that my intuition is strong and always trying to guide me down the right path, I frequently buckle to logic, doubt, and “what if’s”…giving…

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Let's Talk Prayer 

For some, prayer happens at a certain time of day; bedtime, mealtime, when we get into our car each morning to endure the hour-long commute to work. 
Sometimes, prayer is inspired by a special place; a church, a majestic mountain, or the burial ground of a loved one. 
For still others, it’s situational. Prayer comes as a plea, a hope, or negotiation in times of need. There’s a desired outcome and maybe, just maybe God can help. A specific set of words that come together just right form a prayer of…

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What's in a Word? 

Today, while searching the web for some blog material inspiration that ISN'T about the election, I came across this nifty list of Words to Use More Often: 

At first, I was inclined to simply set it aside for future reference. But, the more I considered and savored the words on the list, the more I realized the potency that is carried through language. Characters turn into words, that turn into sentences, that form thoughts that can shape our opinions, beliefs, moods, and actions.

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Why We’re So Often Disappointed, and What To Do About It 

by Kimberly Cope

Public Service Announcement: The two biggest things that lead to disappointment are...drum roll please...perspective and expectation.
Perspective is defined as our outlook or viewpoint, and is unique to each individual and based upon our life experiences.
For example, I’m 5 feet tall and have experienced life as a short person. To me life looks normal from my 5-foot vantage point and things just are what they are. I’m quite used to looking up to catch most peoples’ gaze and my car seat is…Read more