Trust the Little Voice

I just received my first fraudulent check as a wedding officiant and I’m doing the Happy Dance all around my apartment. “How could this event cause such jubilation?” you ask. Well, because I have learned a really valuable lesson.
You see, lately I’ve been doing this precarious back and forth between listening to my intuition and giving into my ego. While I’m really clear that my intuition is strong and always trying to guide me down the right path, I frequently buckle to logic, doubt, and “what if’s”…giving my ego veto power over my oh-so-patient inner voice. Why? Well, I guess it just boils down to a lack of trust. A lack of faith in myself to know that I know. Do you ever feel that way?
So, as I’m in email conversation with this gentleman who, through his description of his situation and word phrasing, is giving me all kinds of hints that something is rotten in Denmark; my ego is telling me to give him the benefit of the doubt. Wanting to be a “good girl”, that’s exactly what I did. But, thankfully, not without noticing the dichotomy going on inside me and taking adequate precautions…just in case.
And, lo and behold, it turns out my intuition was right, AGAIN!
This revelation makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, because for a moment I kicked myself for not being more attentive to my intuition from the beginning of the process. Arggghh, how could I let my ego have its way with me again?
But then I had to back off and remind myself that while quantum leaps are lovely, baby steps are the path to lasting growth. Sure, I didn’t nip the communication in the bud at the get-go. But, I did sense something was wrong early on and took steps to avoid any real damage, other than the loss of a little time.
So, what’s the really valuable lesson for both me and you? Pay attention to that nagging voice, that knot in your stomach, that lump in your throat. It’s probably your intuition trying to get your attention, and its right more often than we’d like to admit. But, if you slip up and don’t pay attention, give yourself a break. That little voice hasn’t gone anywhere; and as long as you keep the door open, it will keep showing up!

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