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Prayer, Prayer, Everywhere! 

I'm so excited to announce that The Sacred Adventure will now be taking Prayer Requests!

You may request prayer for yourself, or others around the globe, and our Prayer Team will hold your request in our prayers for one week.

To request prayer, simply click on the Contact tab, select Prayer Request in the drop-down menu. You may add any details you'd like to share (including the first name of the recipient and your prayer focus or intention) in the message box. If you do not include any details, a general…

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Trust the Little Voice 

I just received my first fraudulent check as a wedding officiant and I’m doing the Happy Dance all around my apartment. “How could this event cause such jubilation?” you ask. Well, because I have learned a really valuable lesson.
You see, lately I’ve been doing this precarious back and forth between listening to my intuition and giving into my ego. While I’m really clear that my intuition is strong and always trying to guide me down the right path, I frequently buckle to logic, doubt, and “what if’s”…giving…

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Let's Talk Prayer 

For some, prayer happens at a certain time of day; bedtime, mealtime, when we get into our car each morning to endure the hour-long commute to work. 
Sometimes, prayer is inspired by a special place; a church, a majestic mountain, or the burial ground of a loved one. 
For still others, it’s situational. Prayer comes as a plea, a hope, or negotiation in times of need. There’s a desired outcome and maybe, just maybe God can help. A specific set of words that come together just right form a prayer of…

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A Message of Mindfulness 

Long ago, in the year 1999, I was winding along the backroads of the Santa Cruz Mountains on my way to a friend’s house. Given that there was no radio reception in the area, I decided to listen to a cassette tape loaned by a friend some weeks before. As I maneuvered through the curves I heard a soft, gentle voice begin to speak on the topic of mindfulness. The voice belonged to a Buddhist monk named Thich Nhat Hanh. And the topic of mindfulness, though completely foreign to me, was intriguing. 

“There are…

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You Can't Hide From It. You Can't Deny It. Believe Me...I've Tried! 

How’s the year treating you so far? 
Is everything turning out the way you thought it would? 

If not, don’t beat yourself up.  I’d say that’s probably the case for many of us. 

Who or what’s to blame? Chalk it up to the “C” word. Of course, I’m talking about change. You knew that…right? 

Change will throw a crimp into the best-laid plans and sap the wind from the sails of any well-charted voyage. Change can be downright uncomfortable. But, it doesn’t have to be. 

I have a theory: It’s not change that is so

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